Metal Stamping

Trans-Continental Manufacturing’ can produce high quality precision metal stampings of any shape, from simple to even the most complex. that will meet your exacting specifications We offer quick turn around precision metal stamping from virtually any heat-resistant metal alloys, ferrous nonferrous and exotic metals.. We provide a full range of progressive metal stamping and value-added assembly services from simple blanking tools, to complex progressive stamping dies, that will exceed your expectations.

Our experienced and disciplined engineers and tool and die makers practice the principles of total quality management and utilize technologically advanced metal stamping systems and process controls to ensure we consistently meet our customer’s delivery, inventory and tracking,

Metal Stamping Capabilities

  • Custom Stamped Precision Metal Parts
  • In-house Tool Design and Fabrication
  • Stamping Dies
  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Heat-resistant Metal Alloys, Ferrous, Nonferrous and Exotic Metals
  • Cleaning & Painting
  • De-burring & Tumbling


  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • and more...

Additional Services

  • Turnkey Stamping
  • In-die Assembly, Tapping & Welding
  • Contact/Rivet Insertion
  • Assembly & Sub-Assembly
  • Surface Finishing
  • Cleaning & Painting
  • Marking & Engraving
  • Packaging & Distribution